Published July 16, 2012

Hosted by Jesus “The Juice” Vazquez

  • George Lamond – Without You
  • George Lamond – Distant Heart
  • Artie and Legit featuring Synthia Figueroa – We Let Our Love Fade Away
  • Poze – Inside of My Heart
  • Ayna – Sober
  • Dino – Nightime Lovekind
  • Erik Christian – Endless Heaven
  • Rebekka – It Was You
  • Pain – It Could Have Been Love
  • Luis Marte – I’ll Be The One
  • Lil Suzy – Take Me In Your Arms (remix)
  • Andrea Martin – Our Love
  • Sam Savon – Catch and Kiss
  • MKG featuring Trinity 3 – I’ll Never Be The Same
  • Angel Mena – I Hate You
  • Angel Mena – Win Back Your Love
  • Noel – Fire To Ice

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