CPR’s Top 25 Freestyle Songs of 2011


CPR’s Top 25 of 2011

25. Ricky Vaz – Don’t Wanna Run Out of Time.
24. Poze – Inside of My Heart
23. The Rios Sisters – Love Stays
22. Willie Valentin – Who You Lovin?
21. T.K.A. – She Wants It All
20. Noel Valei -You Make Me Go (Ohh Ohh)
19. Fred – Nice – I Wanna Ask You
18. George Lamond – I Won’t Give Up
17. Christina Marie – Missing You
16. Phillip Anthony – Sometimes Love Is Not Enough
15. KAO Tell the World (Freddy “The Edit” Rivera Remix)
14. Ray Guell You Don’t Know Me
13. Twin Beatz featuring Brenda K Starr –  Body of Proof
12. Serrano – Already Yours
11. Jay Rivera- I Believe
10. Freeze – Give Into Me
09. Noel Valei -You Don’t Know/Tu No Sabes (Carlos “After Dark” Berrios Remix)
08. Julio Mena -I Wanna Be
07. Artie and Legit – If I Had The Time (Angel Mena’s NSR Remix)
06. Angel Mena – I Hate You
05. Nyasia featuring Wendy – 99 and a Half (Mojica Mix)
04. Pure Pleazure featuring Julio Mena – Love, Hate, Life (Melody Monster Remix)
03. Sonny Montrose – Cold Heart Hotel
02. Jennifer Jimenez – We Don’t Even Talk (Angel Mena’s NSR Remix)
01. Angel Mena – Loving You

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