It’s the return of CPR’s Top 10 Countdown on episode 405 of the CPR’s Clubhouse Podcast, now available on Google Play Music and iTunes Podcast apps.

Featuring the number one song in all of Freestyle, A Lisa B featuring Charlie Babie, LEGENDARY.

Plus music from Stevie B, Aby, Susan Santiago, Rolando Montalvo, Rebekka,

Jacqueline Rose and LSP, Sito from Pain, Audi Medina and Nick Colon

A note from CPR Jose Ortiz

We dedicate this episode to the memory of  Pete Hernandez III; the co- founder of and the man who introduced me to DAUNKNOWN ADMIN, Rafael Reyes.   

Pete Hernandez III was a Graphic Artist, Comedian and Illustrator and owner of He was a man with many talents and a person who was the catalyst to the evolution of CPR’s Clubhouse.

We at CPR’s Clubhouse would like to send our deepest condolences to the Hernandez Family.

Pete once told me (CPR) “You need Freestyle in your life…It’s your identity”

–  Pete Hernandez III 

He was right!

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