Nathan Cruz – I Thank You (DJ Porkie’s Dedication)



Nathan Cruz – I Thank You (DJ Porkie’s Dedication)


In 2002, Benjamin “DJ Porkie” Castro collaborated with Nathan Cruz, CPR Jose Ortiz and Jesus “The Juice” Vazquez to dedicate a song to the love of his life and Mother of his daughter, Annette “Melly” Rivera.

This is the final product released on

CPR’s Clubhouse New England Freestyle Classics (2002)

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Copyright 2002 (CPR’s Clubhouse)


 Recording that song CPR, is pretty much what I have been thinking about since I found out. This was a great and honorable experience for me.. Why? Because very rarely do I have someone in the studio so humble as Dj Porkie that comes to me and say; “Nate, I want to do a song for my girl. She’s done so much and I just want to say thank you”.. I remember calling him to play the song for him and he raced to the studio to hear it and his eyes opened wide as he said ” That’s it, Wow! She’s going to love it! “.. The man was super excited about his dedication. Later came the session with both he and CPR.. It was a blast. Something I’ve remembered, mostly because of his humility.. I thought wow, so many people come here for the fame or show.. And all he wants is to thank his girl.. That said a lot. We always ran into each other he’d always ask about my latest projects, always eager to share new music with the world. I asked him how he did what he did, working, Racing across town, staying up all night with no rest at the radio station. He said: “To Keep it Alive man, we have to keep the music alive. I just Love It!!” Thanks for the inspiration buddy.

– Nathan Cruz

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