CPR’s Clubhouse (Episode 227)


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CPR’s Top 10 Countdown comes a day early as we feature the hottest top 10 songs in Freestyle today. Will George Anthony TIME 4 U 2 GO make it four weeks in a row? Tune into find out. Featuring K7 and Coro NO WORDS, Judy Torres BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Mickey Garcia Remix) Angel Mena SMILE MY LOVE, Susan Santiago RETURN TO ME, Willie Valentin WHY? Stevie B SO BEAUTIFUL, Amy Tori and Erik Christian ITs OVER, Edee I STAND, Sharyn Maceren FAMOUS. Also new music from Angel Mena and a sneak peek of TKAs new Freestyle song. You can find us at www.cprsmusic.com for links to itunes, STITCHER and more. Hosted by CPR Jose Ortiz

CPR’s Clubhouse (Episode 227) by Cpr’s Clubhouse on Mixcloud

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