September 30, 2020

CPR's Clubhouse

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CPR’s Clubhouse (Episode 219)

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CPR’s Clubhouse (Episode 219)

Mr Exclusive, CPR Jose Ortiz presents NEW FREESTYLE featuring

Judy Torres – Beautiful Life – Mickey Garcia New Style Remix

Stevie B – So Beautiful

Willie Valentin – Why (taken from NSR Volume 3)

Angel Mena – Smile My Love (taken from NSR Volume 3)

Andrea Martin – Rescue Me (taken from NSR Volume 3)

Synthia Figueroa – Ready or Not (taken from NSR Volume 3)

Tony Moran – Take It All The Way – Santana Twins Remix

Plus CPR’s Top 10 Countdown featuring K7 and Coro, Jill Tirrell and Julio Mena, Scarlett Santana, Willie Valentin, Synthia Figueroa, Tony Moran, George Anthony and Nyasia and much more

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